Brainstorming Sober-Free Activities

I read somewhere that especially in the early days of sobriety, it’s good to find other things to fill your time when you would’ve normally been going for a drink. Considering I’m only in my first week of my sober journey, I’m feeling the need to first and foremost brainstorm some ideas that have beenContinue reading “Brainstorming Sober-Free Activities”

The Guilt of Having Someone Else Care For Your Child?

Somewhere in my head a little voice is telling me that I have to make the decision I feel is best for my family and I can’t let everyone else’s opinion color that decision. Sure most anyone who is a parent has felt this feeling that I’m going through. Uncertainty about whether the decision I’mContinue reading “The Guilt of Having Someone Else Care For Your Child?”

A Scripture That Spoke To Me: 1 Peter Chapter 1

My first delving back into scripture and it was very impressive to me that my devotional actually steered me to a passage that really seemed to speak exactly to what I’m feeling and going through. These are my devotionals I use that come by snail mail. In Touch Ministries and Our Daily Bread. You canContinue reading “A Scripture That Spoke To Me: 1 Peter Chapter 1”