Crafting to Stay Alcohol-Free

I had once tried out making button fairies and had so much fun doing it, I don’t know why I didn’t keep up with doing it but hmm, I don’t know might be because I spent most of my free time drinking? Well here I am on Day 11 of my SOBER MAMA JOURNEY and it’s sinking in that filling some of my free moments in with keeping my hands and mind busy, when I may have given in to a drink instead, will be paramount to my success.

Anyway, one of my goals has been to dust off the craft basket. When I went into the office today to do that, I saw my neglected bird calendar hanging on the wall (it was still on October) and I went ahead and started putting my X marks on my calendar on the wall (I love having a traditional calendar on the wall!). Now it serves a great purpose hanging above my desk as a place I can look and see my progress of how far I’ve gotten on my SOBER MAMA JOURNEY! I am one of those people (maybe it’s the kid in me) that really loves counting off the days I’ve achieved a certain goal. I like to SEE THE RESULTS! Something very rewarding about it to see it visually and helps me stay motivated.

I also found an old journal I haven’t used in awhile to repurpose into the gratitude journal I’ve been meaning to get started as a great tool for staying positive and sober. Hey not the best handwriting in the world and I might have a hard time reading it myself whenever I go back to reflect on past entries, but it’s a start!


Before getting started on your button fairy project you will want to watch an instructional video like the one I watched when I originally tried this craft out, on how to make a button fairy. This video was what I needed to gather my supplies and see how to get started – perfect for beginners!

I made two that I can remember – one of which I only have the tail left since a puppy chewed up the other part and the other one is looking a bit rough since I had it dangling from a playmat for my daughter to snatch at when she was really young. But here they are below.

So today was my first day getting really serious about doing this craft again. After getting my office re-organized last night as a nice alcohol free activity to do, I felt new inspiration to want to be in there and it gave me a chance to see what I had craft supply-wise.

I gathered all my materials out on my table that I’ll need for when I get a chance to plop down and get going.


So cardstock and some sort of media (I used these neat old-fashioned vignette books) for the picture part of your fairy.

You’ll need buttons and wings and bling – I have some old lace strips I found at a thrift store once. These could also be used for the string to hang the button fairy like I did on my example above. I love hunting for jars of assorted buttons at thrift shops and antique stores. But if you don’t have that option available to you, you can always buy some from the craft store. I found some little butterfly decorations from the florist section of a craft store and from the Dollar Tree store to cut off and glue to my button fairy.

Ways to string your button fairy and glue stuff together. Scissors, glue stick, glue gun and florist wire.

What kind of crafts are you doing to fill your free time that you would’ve been drinking? If you haven’t found your niche yet, don’t worry. It can be intimidating and hard to do when you’ve only known drinking to be worthy of your free time. Do some exploring to get some ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new; even if it turns out you don’t like it all that much, there’s always other things you can explore and try. It’s better than finding ourselves in the bottom of a bottle or 10, doing and saying things you regret and hating yourself and your life the next day (hey that’s not to say you can’t feel like you hate yourself and your life without alcohol – obviously some of us have some demons in our lives that are driving us to drink to begin with but it certainly doesn’t help matters to add a raging hangover and anxiety and shame to the mix either – no matter how much you talked yourself into believing otherwise in the moment!)

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