A Scripture That Spoke To Me: 1 Peter Chapter 1

My first delving back into scripture and it was very impressive to me that my devotional actually steered me to a passage that really seemed to speak exactly to what I’m feeling and going through.

These are my devotionals I use that come by snail mail. In Touch Ministries and Our Daily Bread. You can go to their websites to order or read the devotionals online.

I also love Joyce Meyer’s The Everyday Life Bible. It’s my go-to Bible especially for folks new to the faith or to reading scripture. This Bible was a perfect companion for me in the beginning, with helpful subtext to explain the meaning of certain wording or terms and her life points and explanations of certain lessons of scripture from her perspective are sprinkled throughout the Bible. Very helpful and comforting to someone who felt like they were reading a foreign language at the beginning!

It was an excerpt in 1 Peter that I was directed to read for yesterday’s devotional. These few verses in particular really, really spoke to my journey of finding sobriety and changing my life for the better.

There’s something so comforting in these words, that by God’s power through faith I will inherit salvation and the final salvation one day. I think my path there is to start living the life I was meant to live while I am here on this earth whatever timing is left to me to be here. I don’t think I have been living the life I was supposed to be. The verse about now there may be distress from trials and the suffering of temptations, really speaks so loudly to me, that this is what’s going on right now in my life is having alot of distress from circumstances and I’ve been feeling like a victim for quite some time. But if I’m going to be true to my faith and to God, I have to let go of that part of me that wants to give into that victim side and despair when things don’t go as planned or something tragic/negative happens. To me the being born anew is my journey into sobriety. To be born anew of a life that will leave that old life behind and with it, I very much want to learn how to let go of being pulled to feel distressed over different aspects of life, but embrace my faith and God’s love will see me through whatever life brings and give me the courage to face this new life ahead.

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