Brainstorming Sober-Free Activities

I read somewhere that especially in the early days of sobriety, it’s good to find other things to fill your time when you would’ve normally been going for a drink. Considering I’m only in my first week of my sober journey, I’m feeling the need to first and foremost brainstorm some ideas that have been circling around in my mind.

By getting my activities down on the page, it will be my go-to when I’m feeling weak and need a reminder of what I could be doing instead of sitting and feeling sorry for myself that I’m not having a drink, or feeling like I’m missing out. Why not join me and get started making yourself a list of all the wonderful, positive, alcohol-free activities you could be filling your time with too?

Here goes!

  • JOINING ONLINE SOBRETY/RECOVERY COMMUNITIES – This one is HUGE and I’d say maybe one of the most important thing I could do for myself is going and posting daily or almost daily where others who know what I’m going through are also posting and sharing and commenting between each other. Having support from others who can come the closest to understanding what you’re experiencing is very comforting in a typically isolating process, especially for those who may not have anyone in their family or friend circle who supports them. I recommend exploring the BOOM community and even if you aren’t ready to get active on sharing or commenting they’re a great resource for seeing what others are sharing. In The Rooms is another great place to find online support in which you can join scheduled online group meetings on a variety of topics including alcohol, codependency, grief, nutrition and wellness and coronavirus support to name a few.
  • GRATITUDE JOURNALING – Start a journal that I write in twice a day. Once in the morning of what I feel grateful for in my life in general and then a second time before bed about things I felt grateful for that happened that day. Not a traditional journal type person? Try a gratitude app such as Gratitude.
  • DAILY DEVOTIONALS – Although I spent most years of my life as an atheist, something that was very life changing for me a couple of years ago was finding faith. Becoming a Christian gave me a peace I hadn’t felt in years; but unfortunately, after my daughter was born and we had a traumatic death in the family at the same time, I’ve spent the past year and a half not cracking a Bible or praying or acknowledging God 99% of the time. I know that religion/spirituality is not for everyone, but for me I know what peace it did bring to me when I was first coming into having faith and I know it’s something I want back in my life especially as I navigate this sobriety journey! If you are a Christian or interested in checking out scripture, you can go the old fashioned way of just picking scripture to read of your own choosing or find some Bible study plans/apps. I’ve recently heard of an app called YouVersion which I’m thinking of looking more into. But what I use currently are a couple of traditional paper daily devotionals that get mailed to my house. One is In Touch Ministries and the other is Our Daily Bread.
  • EXERCISING – Haven’t gotten my heart beat up or moved my muscles much since canceling a membership I had at a gym before the pandemic. I want to stop making excuses to get moving again. Either join another gym, or I have to find a way to incorporate workouts even if they’re virtual. I’d like to start jogging again; I used to quite regularly before I was pregnant. I have a goal of joining a 5K race and this is the site I have been perusing the site Running In the USA to get an idea of the 5Ks that might be out there in my area. It’s a great directory resource to find races near you and not just 5Ks but 1 milers for kids, to 5Ks to 10Ks, to full marathons and ultra marathons.
  • CRAFTING – Learning a new craft or revisiting ones from the past. Decoupage is a new thing I learned of recently – here’s an intro video from Hobby Lobby about decoupaging. and I had tried my hand at button fairies and artist trading cards once upon a blue moon.
  • SNAIL MAIL COMMUNITIESSwap-bot and Postcrossing are two of my faves. Swap-bot has different themed swaps you can join such as trading teas or chocolates, sending surprise craft supplies, making artist trading cards to send, or good old-fashioned letter writing. Postcrossing is a postcard swap with people from around the world.
  • THRIFT STORE TRIPS – This goes hand in hand with the crafting and the snail mail groups. Always fun to go on a hunt in a thrift store or antique shop to find neat little trinkets, crafting supplies or postcards .
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Pulling out my actual camera (instead of my smartphone) to take photos and start learning about the settings on my camera to take different types of pictures, particularly so I have some quality photos for my new blog here!
  • HIKING/BIRDWATCHING – Getting out in nature is so, so good for all of us. If we could just incorporate it in to our daily routine no matter how small of a walk or trip outside it might be. But spending some time in nature and preferably starting to schedule some longer hikes in, as well as time to go bird-watching by myself. Something very therapeutic about taking my binoculars and bird book out and going very slowly through the woods and taking in everything around me and watching for some new species to identify and add to my life list, as well as the good old stand bys I’ve seen already.
  • BAKING/COOKING – Looking through cookbooks, magazines, or cooking websites/blogs for new inspiration and recipes to try out or build off of to make my own creation.

When the urge hit me really hard yesterday to go to my local watering hole I stopped at the local thrift shop instead and scored some goodies. Found some buttons for my button fairies, some fabric for trying my hand at decoupaging at some point and some postcards for Postcrossing friends!

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